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<a href="/infos-locales/sports-et-activites-/peche/" target="_blank">La pêche en Toscane</a>

Expérimentez une véritable visite de la Toscane avec


An exciting tour dedicated to art and wine lovers who desire to discover the secrets of the Chianti district!

dès 229 Euro

Billet coupe-file : billets pour le Civic Museum de Sienne

Découvrez les trésors du Civic Museum dans le palais public, superbe exemple d'architecture gothique et symbole de la ville de Sienne. Il conserve de belles œuvres de peinture et de sculpture, ainsi que d'extraordinaires fresques de l'école de peinture siennoise telles que le Maestà et le Portrait de Guidoriccio da Fogliano par Simone Martini, et le cycle d'un bon gouvernement et le cycle des hommes illustres.

dès 10,13 Euro

Private Italian Pasta Cooking Class in Florence

Join this lesson in authentic Florentine cuisine, where the chef is at your our disposal to learn the secrets of pasta and sauces. This course is perfect for small groups who want to have more information and prepare their own authentic pasta from scratch. Fully equipped with everything that you need including all the seasonal ingredients, you'll prep and prepare local dishes. Choose between a small-group or private experience at time of booking.

dès 127 Euro

Private Shore Excursion From Livorno To Carrara- David Marble Quarries and Pisa

In Livorno port at disembark from your cruise ship meet our selected professional English speaking driver for your private shore excursion tour in Tuscany. At your arrival in Pisa, the Tuscany art town considered the birthplace of Romanic rich in art and architecture, you will have time to enjoy the highlights like: the Duomo, the most famous Bell Tower (The Leaning Tower) and the Baptistery. You have free time for your shopping and Gelato Tasting!
Tour of Carrara marble quarries on 4×4 off road vehicle Land Rover
Visit the marble quarries on 4×4 off road vehicle is a unique and profound experience. It means to enjoy the charm of places inaccessible for most of the visitors, traveling along winding and steep roads together with trucks which, incessantly, challenge technical and human limits.

dès 140 Euro
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