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Expérimentez une véritable visite de la Toscane avec

Concert et dîner à Florence

Vivez une soirée italienne authentique à Florence, et dégustez un repas traditionnel toscan suivi d'un concert ! Servi dans un restaurant d'ambiance du charmant quartier d'Oltrarno, le repas est disponible de deux façons : sous la forme d'un menu fixe avec Chianti, ou sous celle d'un menu à la carte proposant des spécialités toscanes attrayantes. Après ce dîner relaxant, rendez-vous par vos propres moyens à l'église anglicane St Marc et terminez la soirée par un concert ou un opéra, avec un siège réservé au premier rang.

dès 59 Euro

Livorno Cooking Lesson: Market to the Table

Visit the Central Market in Livorno and learn to cook like an Italian on a 4.5-hour cooking class. Enjoy a delicious Tuscan meal at the end of the class with the unique dishes you prepared. There is literally no better way to gain a unique insight of Tuscany’s culture and traditions than through its food. The dishes and ingredients that characterize the region’s tradition are of humble origins but extremely rich in flavor, taste and every single one of them has its history.

dès 80 Euro

Private Walking Tour: Siena and its Treasures

Discover Siena with a professional guide on this private tour to admire the beauty of this Tuscan town, like its Cathedral, the Baptistery and Opera Museum... Remember to take your camera  to take some pictures from the high Facciatone, one of the best panoramic site.

dès 34,67 Euro

Florentine Fashion Private Tour

Italian fashion originates in Florence since Roman times and continues being famous by cloth merchants of the Middle Ages. The first fashion show in Italy took place in Florence, Villa Torrigiani, 12 February 1951 and the second in the Sala Bianca of Palazzo Pitti. This tour is an excellent opportunity to have the appointment with history of fashion 'Made in Italy'.

dès 70 Euro
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