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La visite du Monte Oliveto Maggiore

  • La visite du Monte Oliveto Maggiore

    L’intérêt du Bagno Vignoni réside plus dans son atmosphère nostalgique que dans une multitude de sites touristiques incontournables. Juste au sud de San Quirico, en sortant de la SS2, cette minuscule mais charismatique station thermale est très souvent au programme des touristes et donc souvent bien plus agréable en dehors de la saison haute. Cependant, même au summum de l’été, elle ne nous déçoit pas avec ses sources d’eau chaude et leur vapeur, ainsi que son inoubliable place centrale, au cœur des bains monumentaux. Ste Catherine de Siennea et Lorenzo de Medicis se sont tous les deux baignés dans les eaux sulfureuses de cette piscine en pierre. On ne peut pas y nager mais on peut s’imprègner de l’ambiance nostalgique qui y règne dans un café adjacent à la place centrale, juste avant de rejoindre la passeggiata (promenade traditionnelle) et de siroter des cocktails au bar lounge « Il Barrino» (Via Ara Urcea 43).
    Site web: www.monteolivetomaggiore.it

Expérimentez une véritable visite de la Toscane avec

Florence Antiquarian Houses Private Art Tour

Tour of 3 hours to discover the very diverse Florence. Nowadays museums, which are the past of houses of two very great Florentines: Stefano Bardini and Rodolfo Siviero. The tour with stories of the characters whom the Florentines loved and hated!

dès 50 Euro

Florence wonderful tour: CUPOLA GALLERY AND DUOMO MUSEUM

Consisting of two interconnected ogival shells, the cathedral's octagonal dome was erected between 1418 and 1434 to a design which Filippo Brunelleschi entered in a competition in 1418 but which was only accepted, after much controversy, in 1420. A masterpiece capable of withstanding lightning, earthquakes and the passage of time, it continues to enchant all those who observe it from afar. The dome has a diameter of 45.5 metres, the equivalent of the baptistry in its entirety. The competition that the Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore ran in 1418 was won by Brunelleschi, but work did not get under way until two years later and was not completed until 1434. The cathedral of Florence was consecrated by Pope Eugene IV on 25 March 1436.

Brunelleschi's astonishingly innovative approach involved vaulting the dome space without any scaffolding by using a double shell with a space in between.

dès 65 Euro

Tuscan Wine Tasting in Val di Chio

Enjoy a tasting of Tuscan wines in a wine estate in Val di Chio. Sample the craft wines of this boutique winery and hear about wine-making techniques from the owners of the estate. Try the olive oil as well, and take a walk around the vineyard. Get an unusual experience in this fun family run winery in eastern Tuscany.

dès 39 Euro

Private guided tour of the highlights of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence

Private guided tour of the highlights of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence
The Uffizi gallery is one of the most famous museum of the world. Built for Cosimo I to host the offices of the Government, now the building hosts at the second floor an amazing number of paintings and ancient Roman scultures. It is difficult to get an orientation and choose the most important paintings to see, unless you want to spend inside an entire day!
If you want to make the most of your time and focus your visit on the most famous paintings such as Botticelli's Venus, Leonardo' Announciation, Michelangelo's Tondo Doni and others, this is the tour for you!
We will spend about 2 Hours inside the museum and we will admire its highlights speaking about the history of painting from 1300 to 1600 and focusing of course on every single painter style, as well as the history of the building itself.

dès 90 Euro
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