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    Supermarchés de Castelnuovo di Garfagnana:
    Salbec Di Baiocchi S.R.L.
    55032 Castelnuovo Di Garfagnana (LU)

    Centromarket De Cesari S.R.L.
    16, VIA FARINI
    55032 Castelnuovo Di Garfagnana (LU) 

    Le marché se tient tous les jeudis dans l'ancienne enceinte de Castelnuovo di Garfagnana. Les origines du marché du jeudi remontent au 15e siècle, sous la domination de la famille Este qui instaura une loi interdisant les arrestations le jeudi si elles devaient gêner le déroulement du marché. Pendant plusieurs siècles, il y eut même un stand de recrutement de l'armée sur le marché pour garantir des bataillons les plus forts possibles.

    Les principales pharmacies se trouvent sur la Via Vittorio Emanuele et la Via Giuseppe Garibaldi.

    Il y a plusieurs banques à Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, équipées de distributeurs acceptant les cartes bancaires.

    Office de tourisme
    Un bureau d'informations touristiques locales se trouve sur la Via Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto.
    Tél. : +39 0583 641007.
    Pendant les mois d'été, il est ouvert en semaine de 9 h 30 à 13 h 00 et de 15 h 30 à 19 h 00 et le week-end de 10 h 00 à 13 h 00 et de 15 h 30 à 18 h 30.
    Pendant les mois d'hiver, il est ouvert en semaine de 10 h 00 à 13 h 00 et de 15 h 30 à 18 h 30 ; week-end de 10 h 00 à 12 h 30.

Expérimentez une véritable visite de la Toscane avec

Escape game by Fox in a Box

The 1st Room Escape in Florence according to TripAdvisor.
Perfect for Team building Are you looking for something different for your business?
The new live Escape Game. An engaging, fun and exciting experience to use as a Team building exercise

dès 15 Euro

The Accademia Gallery in Florence with your private guide

A private guided visit of the GALLERIA DELL’ACCADEMIA. Inside the museum you will find the original plaster model by Giambologna for the marble sculptures of the Rape of the Sabines (Loggia dei Lanzi) and 15th-16th century art pieces from the Mannerist school. These are followed by the Slaves (originally for the tomb of Julius II), the S. Matthew and the Pietà from Palestrina, one of four compositions of the same subject that acts as a guard of honour to Michelangelo ‘s DAVID. It is located in the beautiful radiant Tribune situated at the far end of this spectacular gallery.Book a ticket and skip the line with us!

dès 48 Euro

Florence & Dante Game tour - Art Treasure Hunt - Family Tour

Safari d’Arte – Game Tour are original guided tours in which culture, entertainment and technology are combined. Activity Leaders lead Safari d’Arte- Game Tour supported by an interactive smartphone application that provides a map, the clues and a quiz so that the players can challenge themselves.
With Safari d’arte Florence and Dante we will visit one of most be- autiful and famous city of the world. We will begin our journey from the city center with its historical buildings and monuments. We will travel again through those streets which hosted ateliers, merchants, aristocrats and artists in the Middle Ages. We will find ourselves in front of some of the most famous artworks in the world, so im- portant to Florence and its worldwide reputation and prestige.

dès 79 Euro

Florence Market Tour, Pasta Making Class & Traditional Tuscan Lunch with a Local

Meet your host Patrizia near the Mercato di Sant'Ambrogio. She will guide you through the market, pointing out some of her favorite vendors and products. You will select fresh products to bring home and use for your cooking. After about one hour, you will walk back to Patrizia’s home to begin your hands-on cooking experience.

Once you get to her apartment, Patrizia will teach you authentic Italian dishes from Florence and Italy’s Emilia Romagna Region. You will prepare an appetizer, a first course, typically a fresh pasta like tagliatelle, ravioli, or gnocchi, a second course of meat and dessert! 

Patrizia specializes in seasonal dishes that bring out the flavors of the region – in the summer you might make sauces with fresh tomatoes, while in the winter months you might enjoy seasonal vegetables like artichokes. Your cooking class will last about 2 ½ hours before you sit down to enjoy your meal and some delicious Italian wine.

dès 141,94 Euro
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