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La ville de Camaiore est niché au cœur d’une vallée entourée de collines et des massifs de l’Apennin septentrional. Camaiore fut à l'origine l'un des plus grands camps romains implanté près de la ville de Lucca (Lucques) et une colonie importante située le long de la Via Cassia. C'est de là que vient son nom Campus Maior.

Au moyen âge, la ville s'agrandit considérablement grâce à l'ancienne Via Francigena. Camaiore représente la Vingt-septième étape du voyage entrepris par l’archevêque de Canterbury Sigeric, et fut nommée Campmaior par ce dernier.

Aujourd'hui, Camaiore recèle de nombreux trésors artistiques parmi lesquels la Collégiale, l'abbaye bénédictine de Saint-Pierre, et le village de Pieve de Camaiore abrite une église qui est un superbe exemple d’architecture romane et remonte à 817 après J.-C. environ.

La région de Camaiore est magnifique et réputée pour ses paysages et ses petits villages médiévaux tels que Monteggiori, Casoli et Gombitelli e Montebello, qui semblent être figés dans le temps depuis des siècles. Leur emplacement à flanc de colline offre une vue extraordinaire sur la mer et les collines environnantes.

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Guided Tour of Siena Must-See Sites including Duomo & Piazza del Campo

The entire historic centre of Siena has been declared a World Heritage Site, if you desire to feel the atmosphere of a unique medieval town this is the place to be, you will effectively walk in a giant, open-air museum celebrating the Gothic style.
This 2.5 hour walking group tour is ideal for first-time visitors or those short on time, our English- speaking tour guide will lead you to discover the beauties and stories of this picturesque medieval town.
You will learn about the Francigena road, the ancient route that in medieval times connected Canterbury to Rome, understand the Contrade way of think and the importance of the Palio, admire gothic buildings and cathedrals, see the oldest bank in the world, discover fossils imprinted in marble, unravel the mystery of the Sator magic square.
At the end of the tour you will feel transported in another time and will desire to spend more time immersed in this gothic dream.

dès €25

Accademia Gallery Tour with Italian Breakfast in the oldest café in Florence

• Accademia Gallery skip-the-line ticket, don't waste your time queuing for the whole day!
• The home of Michelangelo's original sculpture David
• A passionate and art-lover local guide
• Italian Breakfast at the most famous and oldest cafe in Florence
A guided tour of the Galleria dell'Accademia di Firenze with a professional and friendly guide, where you will experience Michelangelo's David as well as other prominent Renaissance artworks.

dès €52

Florence: Duomo Complex Guided Tour

The Duomo Complex in Florence is one of the greatest sites in the world. Come and join us on our 1.5-hour tour of the Cathedral Square, the Baptistery of St. John, and the Opera del Duomo Museum and uncover the history of these spectacular monuments. Continue the exploration of the massive Cathedral and marvel at its stunning architecture, monumental dome, and impressive artwork inside at your own pace at the end of the tour or during the following days with your all-access ticket that is included with the tour. It is valid for 72 hours, so you will be able to descend into the crypt of the Cathedral and climb to the top of Giotto’s Bell Tower.
In high season entrance lines for the security check may be a bit long so our tour guide will advise you on the best times to enter the Duomo after the tour.

dès €48

Carrara Marble Tour Small Group from Viareggio

With the Carrara Marble Tour you will have a great view of the Apuan Alps and discover the history of the production and manufactoring of the white flawless marble. We will visit one of the most ancient marble quarries. Here, you will have the chance to discover the different tools involved in the cutting of this precious material, and see a detailed reproduction of a house used by the workers of the marble quarries. Then, a special visit to the village of Colonnata, renowned all over the world for its exquisite “lardo”, seasoned with a local spice and originally conserved in marble blocks. This tour is suitable for everyone because it involves only a gentle stroll and allows you the opportunity to explore.

dès €125
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