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  • Courses alimentaires

    Grande chaîne de supermarché proposant tous les produits courants

    Jour de fermeture: Dimanche
    Adresse: Via Provinciale Nord 4
    53040 Rapolano Terme (SI)

  • La dispensa
    Petit magasin d'alimentation familial possédant tout le nécessaire ou presque pour des vacances en location saisonnière

    Un marché hebdomadaire a lieu tous les jeudis matins.
    Adresse: Via Della Stazione 5
    53040 Rapolano Terme (SI)

  • Panificio Paperini - boulangerie

    Pain et excellent choix de biscuits, gâteaux et viennoiseries locales.
    Adresse: Piazza Matteotti
    53040 Rapolano Terme (SI)

  • Vin

    Emporio del vino
    Bar à vins qui propose non seulement d'acheter des crus du terroir, mais aussi de déguster une grande variété de nectars locaux accompagnés de quelques spécialités régionales.

    Jour de fermeture: Mardi
    Adresse: Via Provinciale Nord 90
    53040 Rapolano Terme (SI)
    Site web:

  • Services

    Il existe deux banques dans la nouvelle partie de la ville qui sont toutes deux équipées de distributeurs automatiques acceptant les cartes de crédit.
    Veuillez noter que les banques sont ouvertes le matin seulement.

    Deux stations-services sont disponibles et possèdent toutes deux des pompes en libre-service. Pensez à emporter de l'argent liquide.

    Bureau de poste
    Ouvert le matin seulement.
    Situé sur la Piazza Medaglia d'Oro.

  • Services médicaux

    Il existe deux pharmacies.
    Pharmacia Chellini sur Via di Porta Nuova
    Pharmacia del Rosso sur Via Serraia

    Un cabinet médical se trouve sur Via Pietro Nenni où un service d'ambulance est également disponible.

Expérimentez une véritable visite de la Toscane avec

Tour on Natural Film Sets - The Life is Beautiful & Under The Tuscan Sun - since 1990 !

Tour on Natural Film Sets - The Life is Beautiful & Under The Tuscan Sun - since 1990 !

Your Tuscan tour includes:

• Drive through Tuscany’s most famous postcard scenery with your local expert Driver.
• Scenic and photographic tour of the Val d’Arno.
• Visit and free time to tour the town of Arezzo.
• Visit and free time to stop to see the famous S. Francesco church (Piero della Francesca frescoes and set of the movie Life is beutiful)
•  Visit and free time to stop to see the famous main square in Arezzo (Life is beautiful movie you remember "Principessa principessa!")
• Visit and free time to tour the town of Cortona.

We will also visit the stunningly beautiful towns of Arezzo, and Cortona. Apart from being so pretty, each of these towns have another claim to fame; Arezzo for Gold (24k) and Cortona for Extra Virgin Olive Oil

dès 140 Euro

Florence magnificent Accademia Gallery Tour

The gallery of academy was founded in 1784 by the Grand Duke of Tuscany Pietro Leopoldo di Lorena. His aim was to gather together all the painting and drawing school of Florence in one only big Academy that enshrines all the work of arts used by art students to practice and exercise.
Over the years the Academy filled with a huge amount of paintings and statues and it changed several times its collections until, in 1827, it experienced a huge breakthrough with the arrival of the real David made by Michelangelo. From that year, the Academy was rearranged with a different purpose: be introduced to the public as a Michelangelo museum.
As a matter of fact, our itinerary in the Gallery of Academy will allow you to admire the David, known to be a Renaissance masterpiece, but will also give you the chance to understand the special techniques and stories behind the creation of other Michelangelo’s statues, here kept.

dès 46 Euro

Wine Etiquette Class: How to taste wine

In this modern age where technology has taken over and where it is often better to send a text message instead of calling or talking, manners can sometimes be forgotten. Fortunately, for those who still hope to improve their subtlety, we've created a group course or individual course with the international program for adults 'Etiquette of wine' about the 'Good manners with Wine'.

dès 30 Euro

Pasta Lover's Kitchen - Learn to Make Fresh Pasta from a Food & Wine Journalist

Florence is a city full of charm given the arts, sceneries, and history. My favorite form of the arts is of course, our cuisine and delicacies. As a food and wine journalist and author of several cookbooks, I'd like to welcome you to my home for a cooking class, where I will share some of my favorite recipes and tips and tricks to make the perfect Tuscan/ Italian dishes. 

Come and indulge in a sensory experience where I will share about our local food traditions, and appreciate Florence's rich historical social and cultural elements.

dès 124,88 Euro
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